Welcome to Angry Eagle Publishing, LLC.  Our love of stories leans heavily into the Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian genres where we focus much of our efforts through social media. We’ve partnered with Prepper Podcast and The Self-Reliance Expo, in an effort to share these works through in person and radio events.

We are an independent publishing company, dedicated to all indies we publish in other genres as well. Emerging as a resource for independent artists, authors, photographers, and others. As a proud member of the IBPA, we adhere to the highest standards.

Angry Eagle Publishing has an affinity for all things apocalyptic and works closely with some groups of authors. Some are our own Angry Eagle authors, working together with many amazing ones to create this network.

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Written Apocalypse, Showcases all things by authors of the apocalypse The Written Undead, with zombie thrills and reads, from the humorous to the gruesome. Featuring Post-apocalyptic and dystopian books to tantalize every reader of the apocalypse. Fantasy readers will love Written Fantasy and the scares are on over at Asylum of Fear. And now we have the new Ops Centre Check them out TODAY!