Becoming an Author

Need help publishing your book?

Your book needs care and quality to make it stand out. Our professional staff provides the services you need, from editorial to artistic, to the formatting, Each book receives the care it needs.

What does it take to become an author?

First, we must insert the shameless plug here, you know… the one that says Angry Eagle Publishing is the best provider for the services you need to take that precious manuscript to the presses.

     Why would you want our help? With a wide range of services, options, and formats, we have the tools and expertise you need to publish your book your way. Many utilize the option to self-publish their work, there is a perception that turning your word document into a printed book is a simple process. But it is so much more, we actually put each manuscript through a series of transformations to guarantee that it is both accurate and attractive to read, worthy of a prime spot on any bookshelf.

We also offer editorial, creative, and formatting services for the do-it-yourselfers.

Traditional -vs- Self-publishing

    The publishing process is one you will consider long and hard. The decision to use traditional publishing (including the small press model), self-publishing, or a hybrid approach will depend on many factors. The timeliness in which you hope to hold that coveted masterpiece in your hands, the royalties you will receive, what you want to see for a cover, or even the amount of hands-on work you wish to do, can all be factors that will offer you the most confusing experience of your life.

     You could send your manuscript to a traditional publishing company, but self-publishing allows you to make all the choices right? Things like the cover art, interior design, even story content–based on your vision, and your goals. These are what is important, so make your choices wisely.

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With us — What’s Next?

      How do you do it? Why… One Step at a Time of course. First, fill out the form on the Submissions page. Next, you will be put in contact with one of our publishing consultants; they can explain the process, describe our packages. They’ll help find the options that are best for you and your book. We need to see what you are working on, so by sending us a sample of your work we will better know you and how to help you reach your goals. A lot of things come into play during this time so don’t fret if you don’t hear back in ten minutes or less. Here we will assess the work with a number of different criteria, none of which will impede the publication of your book. It is meant to assess things like style, marketability, amount of editing that will be required are all factors that go into these first steps. Here is where we help you decide what is best for you. Not all books are chosen for publication through Angry Eagle, but don’t let that stop you. Perhaps your ideas are different, we have service packages to help you self-publish as well.


      Here is where the magic happens, you submit the full manuscript and it is sent to our content editors and readers. Here they will read it as a whole and offer feedback and the first of the edit recommendations. It will be returned to you with markups and recommendations for edit. Following these edits, the markup and formatting process can begin.

     This stage varies in processing from simple changes such as removing additional spaces. If there are any images or photographs in the text, relevant adjustments are made to ensure these are of sufficient quality to be printed. It is formatted for print and e-book publication and sent to the proofreader.  This is your final editor who will check it for grammatical issues, typos, and other finishing

Publication & Marketing

     Your work is done, right? Wrong… This is where your marketing plan is so crucial. We’ve helped you go from idea to realized goal but now you must sell it. While we will showcase and advertise you, it is up to you to go to events, share this monumental achievement, and get your authorial platform up to snuff.

     As part of our Author services, we can also help you to build this platform, where you can showcase your pizzaz. We do market your book to our network but ultimately it is you that need to market you. We help you by outlining places to be author pages to claim and we will help you set up an ARC team. All to help you share the work you’ve created. Wait, you don’t know what an ARC team is? Well then let’s get to that, this is a team of Advance Readers who get a copy (for free of course) that will read your work and have reviews prepared.