Small Press Model

Angry Eagle Publishing uses the small press model to get your books to print. We are what is known by the IBPA as Small Press Publishers. This means we work with you to get your book to print and shoulder much of the burden. We do not require an agent and accept unagented queries.

There are multiple ways to get your book published through Angry Eagle Publishing that affect the individual author’s needs. Understand that when Angry Eagle Publishing, LLC accepts your book for publication, you are a traditionally published author. You do NOT pay us to publish your book.

Our model, known as Small Press Publishing, works much like a traditional publisher. Small press differs from many large traditional publishers in a few ways but largely remains the same in how it operates. We are a royalty-paying publisher; however, we rarely, if ever, offer advances.

We offer all services upfront without cost to the author for a royalty share. These vary by author and sometimes wildly. Some of our past author packages range from 30-70% royalty shares, with non-exclusive rights from 6-18 months for anthologies through the full traditional 7-year contract.

  • When we publish your book we handle all editorial and creative costs for you. We work with you every step of the way, from submission to publication and beyond.

Depending upon the level of services your book will require us to purchase for it, a royalty share can range from 30-70% of the net royalties. It will vary as well as the terms of your contract. Your needs dictate your contract, and none are identical. We make it work for you.

Some of the ways your contract can be constructed.

  • Royalty rate between 30-50% — All costs of editing, cover design, formatting, and varied other tasks to bring your manuscript to publication are absorbed by the publisher. (Rate depends on the level of attention needed to bring your completed manuscript to publication.)
    • Typical needs for a properly submitted manuscript will include unique cover design, formatting for ebook and print, and up to two edits. Additional work may be needed for poorly constructed or author edited manuscripts. Please see our article on steps to publication.
  • Royalty rate between 50-70% — The author may choose to shoulder editorial or cover costs for a higher royalty rate. (authors who submit with covers and previously edited work can gain a higher royalty rate). We like to reward authors who’ve already done some of the work for us. Remember to mention your cover or other already handled tasks when you submit.
    • *subject to approval. [We do not accept or use AI for cover work or accept manuscripts created using AI. All covers must have at least five unique licensed images not created using AI, and documentation must accompany the cover from the cover designer.]

We maintain the right to publish your book for the duration of the contract and for as long as you keep it within Angry Eagle Publishing, LLC.

We may run sales on your title if we feel it will benefit your brand and offer free copies online and to bookstores. There is no cost for these marketing options. When you choose Angry Eagle Publishing you are choosing YOU! [Many of our ebooks are exclusive to Amazon for the first 90 days in Kindle Unlimited to gather that demographic. After 90 days, we reserve the right to maintain its exclusive status if the book is doing well in that medium. It cannot be shared digitally in any other form on any other platform, paid or free, for the duration of this].

*Note: We always own the ISBN, and to republish with another publisher or solely independent, you cannot reuse the ISBN. Authors may choose to purchase their own.

*If you are an author who simply needs our quality team to put the thing together for you and you wish to use our network of service providers. They offer deeply discounted cover designs, editorial, or formatting through their own brand and do not represent Angry Eagle Publishing. Feel free to visit the Author Services section of the site.

**Understand this is not a vanity publishing option. Using our provider’s services you can expect a significant discount for the services you would need to self-publish your book. You will not pay Angry Eagle Publishing but the provider for each individual request. Angry Eagle Publishing is NOT publishing your manuscript and offers no guarantees. Nor is the use of this service an offer of publication. The publisher is simply providing a platform for vetted providers and a convenient place to find them. We want to help all authors become successful.