S.E. Griffin

S.E. Griffin

S.E. Griffin is a proud mother of two and grandmother of four. She was born and raised in the Deep South and still calls it home. She is from a culture where the youngsters learned and enjoyed hunting, fishing, gardening, and food preservation. Professionally she is a retired nurse. She is curious by nature, a problem solver, a marathon reader, and has an insatiable hunger for knowledge. She has an eye for detail which she strives to incorporate in her writing. She describes herself first and foremost a storyteller, like her father before her, and a writer a recorder of those stories.

S.E. stumbled into the world of writing through an incredibly special friend’s encouragement to enter a short story contest. This experience, with much trial and error, encouragement and advice from other authors and friends freed her imagination and desire to put words to paper and hopefully into her reader’s minds and hearts.

SE. Griffin has three short stories published, and another to be released this year. She is currently working with a group of amazing authors on a Horror collaborative novel, and a standalone novel of her own based on one of her short stories.

This collection of stories is a compilation of her own writings, a glimpse into her world, the worlds that swim behind her eyes. Some are lengthy, others are short and intense, and many are dark and emotional while some are just plain creepy.

You can find her other stories published in:

Apocalyptic Winter: An Angry Eagle Anthology

 Anarchy: An Angry Eagle Anthology