Our Staff

Editorial Department

Wendy Durison

Acquisitions Editor

Angry Eagle Publishing stumbled upon Wendy when she helped with a book that had seen a problem in production and reached out. She has since been found to be an invaluable asset to our team. As the Senior Editor, she reads every manuscript that crosses our path. Also the editor of the WordPeddler Magazine.

Married 30+ years to her best friend. Mom to all the kids. Aunt to the other ones. Best Nini (grandma) ever according to a survey of the grandkids. Her grandmother always had books at her house. This nurtured a love of reading on the porch swing of her home surrounded by trees that swayed in the Louisiana winds. Her sister had loads of books that took her to new worlds when she would visit. Which nurtured a love for the written word and often got her in trouble because her nose was in a book instead of doing chores.

She’s quoted with, “My love of books hasn’t left me though the medium has changed. Instead of a book in my purse, I have many books on my phone. This love of reading and the subject of English brought me where I am now. The Senior Editor for Angry Eagle Publishing.”

Design Department

Dauntless Cover Design

Design Management

Media Department—Podcast & Design

JL Foulk

Production Specialist/Graphics & Video design

DungeonDan Uebel

Broadcast Producer/Graphics & Video design

Marketing Department