Welcome to Angry Eagle Publishing, LLC. We are a small, family-owned publisher started in 2016 by DJ Cooper with a single goal, a desire to be a positive force in the author community. Angry Eagle Publishing, LLC always looks for new authors, glorious storytellers, and wordsmiths. Check out our virtual cafe, a venue for the indie to showcase their works, The WordPeddler’.

Our podcast network The Book-Asylum Podcast which can be found on YouTube showcases the works of independent authors through interviews and spotlights. 

If you would like to discuss a book or idea with us, please see our submissions page or contact us.

DJ Cooper, CEO of Angry Eagle Publishing, LLC, is a well-known bestselling post-apocalyptic author.

It all started with the Dystopia series of books she released in late 2014. A strong desire to learn more led her back to school in hopes of gaining more perspective on the craft and the industry. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Science in Marketing, and a Master of Fine Arts in English/Creative Writing with a concentration in teaching.

Writing the apocalypse is a passion, and she is a prominent figure in the preparedness community which is the number one demographic for apocalyptic and dystopian books. She also owns and operates the Thrive Self-Reliance Initiative, where she works to bring knowledge of preparedness and sustainable living through varied forms of media.

With a desire to help all authors achieve the dream of publishing their books, DJ is well known for helping others in the publishing landscape, and because of this, Angry Eagle does not specialize in any genre. having branched out into sci-fi, romance, nonfiction, and horror, our book list grows. We distribute titles through all major online retailers, independent bookstores, and directly through our website. We also work to get the author’s books into genre-specific bookstores and venues.