Conny Fuller

More to come on Conny and her Debut Novel “Green Eyes.”

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What is so special about Green Eyes?

Why does the very mention of green eyes stir emotions in Anna? Why does she hear giggles? Is she off kilter? She wonders is something wrong?

Meet Anna, Mike, Laura and the others as you read and are carried away to the Gulf Coast, the small resort town of Sommorsville.

Green Eyes is a story of faith, of hope, and of desperation. Faith in that God always provides, Hope in that prayers will be answered, and desperation that when one prays diligently, prayers are in the Throne Room and God hears and answers.

A work of Christian Fiction, Green Eyes will strike the emotions. You will see God at work; cry and laugh at his creations. Taken into another realm, you will catch a glimpse of another world.