DJ Cooper


DJ Cooper is the author of the Dystopia Series of books and other works.

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She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing/English from Southern New Hampshire University and is a current student studying for a Master of Science in Marketing.

Owner and valued member of the Angry Eagle Publishing Staff she works tirelessly to publish and promote other authors.

A writer of humor, research articles, and commentaries for her blog. Informative articles for magazines such as The Odyssey and Prepare Magazine. Her books are post-apocalyptic fiction, focusing on real life scenarios.

She currently lives in New England but worked in and around the Cincinnati, Ohio area flipping houses. During that time she spent much of it in the areas of Kentucky she writes about in the Dystopia books, offering a first hand view into her locations.
It’s been more than two years that she’s been known as an internet radio host and is now the executive producer of the Prepper Podcast Radio Network KPRN-DB, you can hear archived shows at

The Dystopia Series

An ongoing saga of life beyond what they called the reset. The first book is a group of preparedness minded people who see danger on the horizon and prepare for the worst. The second is what is known as a parallel book, it chronicles the travels of a mixed bunch for over 900 miles to the safety of the farm in Kentucky. The third is a character novel full of suspense and surprises. Who could have known a betrayal was on the horizon for the small group.

The matriarch of the group Dez, is desperately trying to maintain the safety and welfare of the small clan. The tension builds and what could be the end of them all looms on the horizon. Book 4 in the series “The Dark Days” shows the strength and perseverance of the small group due to release in July of 2018.


Dystopia: Beginning of the End is the first book in the Dystopia Series.

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Dystopia: The long Road

Continues the saga from another set of character’s view

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The third book in the Dystopia Series takes on a twist you don’t want to miss!

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The fourth book in the Dystopia Series is now available and full of action.

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Other works