Becoming An Author


First, we must insert the shameless plug here, you know… the one that says Angry Eagle Publishing Group is the best provider for the services you need to take that precious manuscript to the presses.

Why would you want our help? With a wide range of services, options, and formats, we have the tools and expertise you need to publish your book your way. Many utilize the option to self-publish their work, there is a perception that turning your word document into a printed book is a simple process. But it is so much more, we actually put each manuscript through a series of transformations to guarantee that it is both accurate and attractive to read, worthy of a prime spot on any bookshelf. Read more “Becoming An Author”

The Indie Author


Much Ado About Self-Publishing


Writing in the indie world is an uphill climb. Many excellent writers, glorious storytellers with magical mysteries flowing onto pages, are never seen. Manuscripts being sent for review with high hopes. The only response received… rejection after rejection. Dashing hopes, and sometimes silencing dreams for good, these struggles plague many authors. Read more “The Indie Author”