Jenn Amato

Jenn Amato is new to the Zombie Scene but has created a series that will bring so much more for the readers than they could even hope for.

Her first book recently released is the first in the Group Series of books that is being considered for a world-building series. Where other authors can take the world she created and make it their own. Welcome to the world where zombies have emerged and The Group seeks to survive. Learn more here.

The Group Series

The debut novel of an up and coming star in the post-apocalyptic genre.

No one is ready for this!!!

Jana expected a new life when she left the UK for the big city life of Toledo, Ohio. What she didn’t expect… was to find herself stuck in the Midwest, newly sober, and fighting zombies. Jana surprises even herself when she befriends a small group and then finds them looking to her for leadership. This rag-tag group of misfits struggle to survive amidst zombies and humans that have no good intentions. Jana tries to maintain while fighting her own personal demons with alcohol.

Book One in The Group Series is an incredible journey through the zombie apocalypse where Jana finds the family she never had but always needed. A story of survival that is more than just personal survival but one of strength and courage.